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We are Optiver, an international trading company, headquartered in Amsterdam. With more than 700 colleagues across four continents we constantly offer fair and highly competitive prices for the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF’s et cetera. It is called ‘market making’. We build markets and provide liquidity to international exchanges in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.
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So, you are probably who we need
Optiver is above all a state of mind. We want you if you want to be the best. When you believe in daily improvement and feel challenged when colleagues outsmart you, which they will. We are looking for you when you like to be seriously rewarded for your performance, when you easily adapt to change and enjoy some humour and fun. How you fit in is up to you. We want to be the best trading firm in the world. Therefore we are always looking for the best traders in the world. But since trading on the floor changed to screen-based trading, we also constantly need the most advanced technology, trading software and connections to the market. In short, we need the best IT-professionals there are to develop, optimise and support our tools. And to service our trading and IT-colleagues the best we can, we definitely need great ‘facilitators’ in our business operations.
  1. Python Developer
  2. Trading Technologist Are you challenged by complex technical problems within a fast-paced, dynamic environment and interested in trading? Are you able to use C++, C#, Python or Lua to translate these problems into elegant technical solutions? Are you ready to become part of a team consisting of strong, driven and enthusiastic technologists who work closely together with our traders? If you have at least 3 years of experience working with C++, C#, Python or Lua, you might be the Trading Technologist we are looking for.
  3. Trader Assistant (Academic Part-time job) (Location: Amsterdam; 20 hrs per week)Do you have the ambition to become a Trader, but still have at least 9 months to study? Getting excited about the option to write your thesis at a leading global trading firm? If you are currently based in the Netherlands, studying towards an academic degree combined with a significant interest in financial markets and solid working experience in Excel and VBA, you might be our new Trader Assistant.
  4. Junior Researcher Can you solve this puzzle?You have to walk from point A to point B 10 times, blindfolded. Every time before you start walking, a fair coin is tossed, and if it comes out heads, a wall in the middle is present (situation 2 in the picture), while if it comes out tails it is not (situation 1 in the picture). As you are blindfolded, you do not know if the wall is present or not.Even though you are blindfolded, you can move in perfectly straight lines towards any point you choose. Can you give a prescription how to walk from A to B so that the total distance you cover is as small as possible? What distance do you expect to cover in those 10 walks?Did you like this puzzle? Are you looking for bigger challenges? Do you want to use your analytical skills to solve real world problems and see the results right away? Do you enjoy writing computer programs? Then the Junior Researcher position might be a great opportunity for you! 
  5. Optiver Trading Meet & Greet - 27 November 2014 Experience a day in the life of a Trader during our Optiver Business CourseDid you ever consider the option to start your career in trading? And do you think you have got what it takes to become a successful trader? This is your chance to experience the real deal by sitting next to one our traders right on the trading floor. Sign up for our Trading Meet & Greet on the 27th of November and find out what life is really like behind the screens.
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